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Eye and Vision Care Services from Our Arlington Optometry Team

If you have been looking for an optometrist in Arlington who can provide the eye and vision care your family needs, you've found him at Insight Vision. Under the leadership of our skilled eye doctor, Dr. Mark R. Hanson, our Arlington optometry team can employ a wider range of service to guide you and your loved ones toward a lifetime of better ocular health -- from full eye exams, glasses and contact lenses to pre-operative care and post- operative care. 

man giving an eye exam in Arlington

Our Arlington Optometry Services:

  • Full Eye Exams - Full eye exams from our Arlington optometrist give us a detailed picture of how well your eyes are function and whether they are suffering from any diseases or disorders that require treatment. We employ ophthalmoscopy under pupil dilation to examine the inner parts of the eye. A device called a slit lamp inspects the front part of the eye.

  • Glaucoma Testing - Glaucoma testing, which can be performed in the course of a comprehensive eye exam, enables us to detect this sight-robbing disease as early as possible so its progress can be slowed. Our eye doctor uses a technique called tonometry to measure the internal eye pressure precisely. If your pressure seems elevated, we may recommend additional tests.

  • Vision Testing - An eye disease or even a small irregularity in the eye's shape can produce refractive errors that make your vision blurry at a certain distance. Vision testing using the familiar eye chart helps us determine how clearly you're seeing at different distances. If there's a refractive error, our eye doctor can then dial in the proper corrective lens prescription with the aid of a machine called a phoropter.

  • Glasses - Glasses are the simplest and most time-tested measure for correcting refractive errors. We can you for glasses here at our clinic, offering a variety of fashionable frame shapes and styles. Let us double as your optical boutique!

  • Contact Lenses - Contact lenses are a sensible option for individuals who are worried about damaging a pair of glasses or who simply don't want to wear them. We perform extra testing to make sure your contact lenses will fit and function perfectly, including specialized contact lenses for those hard-to-fit prescriptions and conditions.

  • Pre-operative Care - If you could benefit from eye surgery, either to treat disease or to correct your vision without lenses, we can make sure you get the necessary pre-operative care. We will advise you of your options, perform detailed eye exams and refer you to an eye surgeon.

  • Post- operative Care - Following your surgery, count on Insight Vision for post-operative care. We can monitor your recovery through a series of scheduled eye exams to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your procedure.

Let Our Optometrist in Arlington Help You

For more information about our optometry services call Insight Vision at 817-861-2020 for an appointment with our optometrist in Arlington. Insight Vision can be your eye health and vision resource!